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WWWelcome to official home site of 3D Pulsoid !

You are tired of shots and blood that pours over the monitor ? You are tired of accelerating a racing car ? You are sick of Your games ? No problem !

Try our game - 3D Pulsoid by Fifth Dimension Company !!!

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3D Pulsoid is an arcanoid type game, "destroy all the bricks and go to the next level" is the primary goal of the game. 32 insidious game levels make 3D Pulsoid really fascinating ! 17 beautiful melodies will charm Your ear and cool sound effects will impress You ! Nicely drawn high-quality graphics will meet everybody's wishes ! Everything will be Your enemy - unbreakable invisible bricks and 16 types of monsters ! More than 20 bonuses falling from the sky will help You in the game, as well as hinder You !

And You will have to show all Your skills to reach the last, the 32nd, level !

Good luck in playing 3D Pulsoid !

Registration Key is : 791938


Download 3D Pulsoid Now ! Free to PLAY !!!

3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998