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The Beginning

After unpacking the archive You will see several executive files, text files and data files. Let's discuss them:

3dpuls.exe file is the main executable file of our game, Just place cursor on it and press Enter ( in Windows - double click ). The game will start and intro will be shown.

sndsetup.exe file is made for initializating Your sound system. Press [A] button for automatical initialization and [M] for manual. The set preferences are these: Sound Blaster, A220, I7, D1. You can change them anytime by executing this file.

editor.exe file is an executbale file of the Level editor. Read Level editor description about Level editor.

dos4gw.exe file is an important system file.

slowgame.bat file is an executable file that slows the speed of the game in one and a half times.

read_me.eng file is a text file-description of 3D Pulsoid in English.

read_me.rus file is a text file-description of 3D Pulsoid in Russian.

usorder.txt, ukorder.txt and ausorder.txt files are text order-forms of the game in USA, UK and Australia.

3dpuls.cfg file is the configuration file of the game. After its removal from Your HDD, the program creates it itself with the set preferences for default.

3dpuls.tbl file - there Hall of Fame is kept. After the removal of this file from Your HDD, the program creates it with zero results of records.

pulsold.lvl file contains all the old 32 levels of Pulsoid.

3dpuls.dat and editor.dat files are data files of the game and of the level editor.

3D Pulsoid Screen Shot - Click to Full Size !

3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998