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Level Editor Description

Level Editor for 3D Pulsoid - click to full size !

Level editor is made for creating Your own levels for 3D Pulsoid game. An executable file is editor.exe. Levels are saved into blocks, each block has 32 levels. If You have drawn several levels and during the play have uploaded a new block then at the end of Your game the program will automatically include levels for default into Your levels. Here follows the description of the functions of the editor.

Level Editor : Place bricks Place bricks. This is the main part of the editor. There You can act as a builder and place bricks for Your new level. All bricks has 6 levels of destruction - from 1 (the brick is destroyed with one hit), 5 (the brick is destroyed with five hits) to undestructable. With Your mouse take any brick and place it in the game field. It's then set to 1 - it can be destroyed with one hit. If You want to change its resistance, press number buttons from [1] to [5] and [U] button for undestructible.

Level Editor : Place Bricks - click to full size !

Eraser cleans level for another work.

Bricks description

Transparent brick A transparent brick with cross. It's an invisible brick and it will not be seen in play.

Additional Snake or Ball brick A brick with the letter X gives You an additional snake or ball when hit. Remember - You can have no more than 8 snakes or balls on one level!

Plus brick A brick with (+) mark gives You a part of Your snake's body (the maximum amount of parts is 32). The more the snake the better it's controled and the clearly it's seen on the game screen. If You play with the ball, this brick does nothing.

Minus brick A brick with (-) mark takes away one part of Your snake's body. The minimum amount of parts is 4.

Zigzag brick A brick with zigzag (lightning) is an accelerator. Snakes and balls move twice as fast.

Random Bonus brick A brick with question mark throws down random bonus.

Other bricks are used to decorate the background and to make levels more difficult. The more bricks You place, the more time will it take You to complete it. The maximum amount of bricks in level is 525.

Level Editor : Place Monsters Place the monsters (change monsters) - there You can put monsters that will hinder Your work. The frame, in which monster has already been set into the level, enlights red.

Level Editor : Place Bonuses Insert the bonuses (change bonuses). There You can place bonuses into Your level (see Bonuses description). The amount of bonuses must not be greater than the amount of bricks. You can choose two types of placing bonuses - manual or automatic-random. If You want to do it Yourself, then take any bonus and place it into any brick. The brick will have C letter - current. U letter - used shows that the brick already has a bonus. For automatic type of bonuses placement just choose the bonus and its amount in the level. The program will place bonuses randomly.

Level Editor : Bonus Places - click to full size !

Level Editor : Place Snakes Place the snakes. There You can add snakes to the level. The maximum number of snakes is 8, including the working snake, that starts from the tank in the beginning of the new level.

Level Editor : Place Snakes - click to full size !

Level Editor : Change Borders Change borders. Choose any of the 6 borders to decorate Your level.

Level Editor : Load levels for Edit Load levels is used to load game blocks for further editing. Choose any block and then any level to edit it.

Level Editor : Save Levels Save levels is used to save edited levels into blocks. Choose the block and enter name of Your level.

Level Editor : Exit Level Editor Fire Exit icon will allow You to leave the Level editor.

3D Pulsoid Screen Shot - Click to Full Size !

3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998