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Features And Hits

Press F-10 to temporary stop the game - it's a Pause.

If You want to play 3D Pulsoid later, save Your game ! You can do it by pressing Alt+S. Choose the slot for saving. Remember - level is saved from the beginning, it means You will get all the bricks again after the loading even if You have destroyed 90% of them. In the loaded level the name of the block, the number of the level, the amount of lives and Your score is remembered.

To load saved levels use Alt+L. You will have to choose from one of the 8 saved levels. If You're using home-made block of levels, load program will automatically switch it to the game.

If You cannot complete the game fairly, try it unfairly. Type in the menu in small letters and without spaces the word fifthdimension. You will hear a sound signal, symbolizing the activating of cheat codes system. You need only to press F1 - F9 buttons.

F1 - normal racket.

F2 - double racket.

F3 - one-shot chaingun.

F4 - two-shot chaingun.

F5 - rocket launcher.

F6 - laser.

F7 - an instant exit to the next level.

F8 - the destruction of the racket.

F9 - "god mode".

If You think Your game works too fast and You cannot follow it, use the slow code. In the command line type 3dpuls.exe hispeed. Movement of snakes and bonuses will decrease in one and a half times. You can also do this by executing slowgame.bat file.

The rocket explodes after You relaese the fire-button or near the upper border of the screen.

If the snake or the ball can't find the way out of the bricks, the tank will increase it's fire power every 30 seconds - firstly it will have the chaingun, then double chaingun, then rocket launcher, and then laser. And finaly if You can't complete a level tank will go to the next level. It's IMPOSSIBLE not to complete our game.

3D Pulsoid Screen Shot - Click to Full Size !

3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998