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Game Rules

As You know, the main rule of the game is to control a racket with snakes and balls, destroy all the bricks and go to the next level. Funny monsters will try to prevent You from completing Your mission and change the trajectory of the movent of the snake or of the ball. Some of the bonuses help You, but some hinder You (see Bonuses description).

After the 32nd level the game ends and Your name is placed in the Hall of Fame. If You are tired of our standard game levels, You can always create Your own and play it (see Level editor description and Game menu description). You can also play with the partner, controlling two rackets, and that will ease Your mission greatly. Those who like standard Arcanoid can turn snake into a ball with the special option (see Game menu description).

Levels of 3D Pulsoid are specially constructed - the difficulty rises from the first level to the last. It means that on the earliest levels You will not encounter very dangerous monsters such as Mystic and an Evil Scull (see Monster description). Yet You will not have such useful bonuses as Laser, Rocket Launcher (see Bonuses description). Authors tried to make this game as much playable as possible, so we hope that You will appraise our diligence at its true worth !

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3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998