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Game Menu Description

After the finishing of the intro with the pictures of authors and bonuses description You will see Game menu. There You will find:

1) Start Game. Just press it. The game starts with all the set preferences. You will be asked to enter the registration code, recieved from Ultisoft, Inc. company. The way of its receiving is described in the order-screen. If You don't have the registration code, You will play only 2 levels of all the 32, but after that You will have enter the code anyway.

Registration key is : 791938

2) Options. Click here to change the game settings.

Sound settings. There You can change the volume of the sound effects, music and CD-music or turn them off. Mind You, music will not play in Windows (see Frequently asked questions and answers).

Sound Menu Setup

Racket control settings. There the control of the game racket can be set. For the first player is mouse, and keyboard is for the second for default. If You have a joystick, the control is set to it.

Control Setup

Game process settings. There You can choose Your "players" - snakes or balls - Pulsoid or Arcanoid. There You can also choose the angle of the bouncing off. For Pulsoid it's fixed - 45 degrees. For Arcanoid it's not fixed.

Preferences Menu

Then You can choose the Number of players - one or two.

With User Levels You can load Your levels for playing (see Level editor description). To cancel the game with home-made level You should enter User Levels and leave it without loading anything.

User Levels Menu

3) Exit. After pressing there, You will leave 3D Pulsoid.

3D Pulsoid Screen Shot - Click to Full Size !

3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998