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Bonuses Description

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Cannon bonus Cannon - (a wooden box with the letter C) is a chaingun. It destroys all the bricks except unbreakable. After receiving the second bonus the second muzzle appears and the power of the shooting becomes twice increased. Ammo is unlimited.
Life bonus Life - (a bottle of beer with the letter L) adds one life. In the beginning You have three lives.
Exit bonus Exit - (a turbine with the letter E) is an instant exit to the next level.
Monsters Destroy bonus Monsters Destroy - (wings and nimbus with the letter D) kills all monsters.
Nuclear Bomb bonus Nuclear Bomb - (a bomb with the letter N) - after catching this bonus the racket explodes and the amount of lives reduces by one.
Super Snake bonus Super Snake (a snake in the flask) gives a super-power to all the snakes for 30 seconds. Snakes or balls destroy any brick, even an unbreakable, with one hit.
Rocket bonus Rockets - (an iron box with the letter R) gives 10 rockets for shooting. They destroy 3x3 field of the bricks. Rockets explode after You release the fire button.
Ammo bonus Ammo - (a box filled with rockets with the letter A) is an ammunition for the rocket launcher. There are 10 rockets in the bonus. Tank can hold no more than 99 rockets.
Freeze bonus Freezer - (a snow man with the letter F) freezes all the monsters on the screen for 30 seconds.
Upgrade bonus Upgrade - (an adjustable spanner with the letter U) increases tank twice.
Quicker bonus Quicker - (an oil-can with the letter Q) quickens the movement of the tank in one and a half times.
Breaker bonus Breaker - (a ball and chain with the letter B) slowes the movement of the tank in one and a half times.
God Mode bonus God Mode - (a pentagram with letters GM) gives "god mode" for 30 seconds - a green blinking line in the bottom of the screen, that sends snakes or balls back. Yet it doesn't protect from bombs.
Money bonus Money - (a gold coin with the number 5) gives 5.000 points. You will get an extra life after every 10.000 points.
Automatic Control bonus Automatic Control - (a processor) controls a racket for You for 30 seconds. Yet it follows only one snake. After catching a bomb the tank will NOT be destroyed.
Brick Shield bonus Brick Shield - (a shield) protects bricks from destruction for 10 seconds.
Stop NOW ! bonus Stop NOW ! - (a STOP sign) is the full stop of the tank for 5 seconds.
Mirror bonus Mirror - (a mirror with a ghost) changes the direction of the movement of the tank for 5 seconds. A very funny bonus.
Laser bonus Laser - (an accumulator) gives a possibility to shoot laser arrows. One shot destroys a row of bricks. There are 5 shoots in accumulator.
Scull bonus Scull - (a scull with crossed bones) calls an Evil Scull (see Monsters description).
Unknown bonus Unknown Bonus - (an adjustable question mark) - You can receive any bonus.

3D Pulsoid is developed by Fifth Dimension Company. Published by Ultisoft, Inc. (c) 1998